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Public Liability has become a significant issue in Australia. Our forensic mechanical engineers can provide expert product failure testing and product failure analysis. This testing and analysis is for consumer or industrial products for compliance with Australian Standards, and Workplace Safety Requirements.

For over 30 years, Gilmore Engineers has been a leader in the investigation and analysis of a variety of different types of incidents. During this time Gilmore Engineers has provided over 1,500 reports to members of the legal profession for matters before District, Supreme and Federal Courts.

Gilmore Engineers will examine the available evidence and give you an initial engineering assessment in the form of a verbal opinion. If necessary, this opinion can be provided in the form of a comprehensive report for the Court. Our experts will then follow through by presenting their evidence to the Court in person on your behalf if required.

Gilmore Engineers is a mechanical engineering consultancy firm in Brisbane with experience in product liability. 

Contact us for product failure analysis and testing and Australian standard testing.

  • Pool heating system
  • Industrial steam boiler
  • Furniture failures
  • Angle grinder
  • Drills and drill presses
  • Ladder failures
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Curling iron

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Product Liability Case Studies

Burst Under Sink Boiler

An unpressurised boiler had been installed under the sink at a shop. Over a weekend, the boiler burst and flooded the shop cause damage to the majority of the stock. Our engineer inspected the boiler and its’ installation. It was determined that the boiler had not been correctly installed, causing it to fail.

Umbrella Failure

During a storm on the Gold Coast, a large resort umbrella lifted off its main support post, flew through the air and struck a person. Our expert engineer inspected the umbrella involved in the incident and inspected the scene of the incident to determine how it lifted off its main support post. Our engineer also reviewed the design of the umbrella and other umbrellas available on the market at the time of the incident.

Blender Lid Removal Forces

A user of a popular heated blender claimed that the lid locking mechanism was defective and that the lid could be removed easily when in use. Our engineer inspected the appliance and performed tests to measure the forces required to remove the lid when locked in place. 

Crocodile Pool Heating System

The heating system for the main crocodile pools at an iconic Australian Zoo was icing up in winter providing inadequate heat with the pools. After inspecting the heating systems and pools, our engineers performed calculations to identify the required capacity of heating systems for the pools to ensure they operated correctly during winter.

Ginger Factory Steam Generator Efficiency

Gilmore Engineers reviewed the efficiency of two steam generators used at a Ginger Factory. Gilmore Engineers installed temporary monitoring systems, including ultrasonic flow meters, thermocouples, pressure gauges, flue gas analysers, and data loggers on the steam generators and throughout the factory. Data recorded over three days and two nights was then collated into a report to enable optimisation of the plant and a reduction in fuel costs.

Ladder Failure and Fall

When the rung of a ladder he was descending gave way, a man lost his balance and fell sustaining injuries. Our engineer inspected the ladder and identified that the rung which gave way was missing a swagged end cap. It was determined that a manufacturing defect was the most likely caused the failure.

personal injury cases

Angle grinder fatality

A fatality occurred after an angle grinder safety cover was removed, and a larger cutting disc installed. Our engineer inspected the angle grinder and provided advice on improving user safety by prohibiting its use with the safety cover removed.

Chair Failure and Injury

A person was leaning back on a plastic chair at Hervey Bay Airport, Queensland when the chair backrest broke off, causing him to hit the wall behind him. Gilmore Engineers were requested to determine how and why the chair failed and to answer several technical questions posed by the instructing solicitors.

Wine Bottle Explosion

As a  person removed the cork from a wine bottle, it exploded, causing injuries to their hand. Gilmore Engineers was requested to determine why the bottle exploded. Our engineers inspected the remains of the bottle and performed tests to determine the failure mode of the wine bottle.