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If you are looking for highly experienced mechanical engineers for forensic engineering failure analysis, expert witness reports or giving evidence in court, our mechanical engineers have the experience you need.   

For over three decades, Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd has been a leading forensic engineering company in investigating and analysing large machinery failures, accidents, workplace injuries and intellectual property. With over 1500 Expert Forensic Reports, provided to the legal profession over the past 30 years, we have the experience you need to best serve your clients.

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What is Forensic Engineering

What should be included in a detailed Forensic Engineering failure analysis?

Forensic Engineering is the application of Engineering and Scientific principles to the investigation of failures, accidents, personal injuries, defects, or other non-performance issues. For example, forensic engineering investigations can focus on determining the root cause or contributing factors to an incident. That is, what happened and why it happened. In our experience, serious incidents and failures are more often the result of a number of factors that, when combined, result in a minor incident or catastrophic event. What is a forensic Engineer? Usually a mechanical engineer who specialises in the field of forensic engineering.

Forensic engineering can also be used to investigate compliance with Australian or International, Standards, Codes, and Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. That is, did the design, manufacture, installation or method of work comply with the relevant requirements.

For over 30 years, Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd forensic engineering consultants have been leaders in forensic mechanical engineering investigation and analysis for Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Manufactures, Major Industries, and Mining Companies. Contact us if you need a mechanical consultant company or firm to provide mechanical consultancy services.

  1. Determination of the static and dynamic loads through either obtaining load history data prior to failure, or measurement of actual loads or stresses in the components by testing under typical use scenarios.
  2. Close inspection of the failure surfaces with macro photography or under a microscope to understand the failure mode and to look for any material or manufacturing defects that may have contributed to the failures.
  3. Material testing and analysis to check the material structural properties and chemical composition.
  4. Design calculations or computer simulations of loads applied to the components to predict the stress levels and stress distribution in the components, using the loads derived from item 1) and the material properties from item 3). This would typically be performed with FEA software.
  5. Review of relevant Australian, or International, Standards, Codes, and Regulations.
  6. If available, review of any calculations, computer simulations and physical testing, including proof tests, tests to failure and high cycle tests, performed by the manufacturer or designer.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Passenger cars, prime movers, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, vessels, and bus accident analysis.

Machinery Failure

Large engines, SAG mills, drill rigs, rock hammers, conveyors, haul trucks, excavators.

Cranes & EWP

Cranes, Elevating Working Platforms, lifting equipment failures and root cause analysis.

Personal Injury

Workplace injuries and fatalities, occupational health & safety, slip & falls, amusement rides.

Patents & Copyright

Review and assessment of IP claims including patent and copyright disputes.

Fire & Explosions

Building, machinery & motor vehicle fires & explosions. Analysis and ignition source identification.

Product Liability

Consumer Product analysis, testing and assessment of compliance with standards.

Aircraft Crashes

Helicopter and Aeroplane accident reconstruction and analysis of component failures.

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