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Gilmore Engineers are a forensic engineering firm and can provide an expert analysis of fires and explosions affecting buildings, machinery or motor vehicles. Our mechanical engineers will analyse the evidence to identify the ignition source and use computer analysis to reconstruct the pathway of smoke. As a fire cause and origin expert witness we deal with cases that are accidents and those suspected to be arson.

For over 30 years, Gilmore Engineers has been a leader in the investigation and analysis of a variety of different types of incidents. During this time Gilmore Engineers has provided over 1,500 reports to members of the legal profession for matters before District, Supreme and Federal Courts.

Gilmore Engineers will examine the available evidence and give you an initial engineering assessment in the form of a verbal opinion. If necessary, this opinion can be provided in the form of a comprehensive report for the Court. Our experts will then follow through by presenting their evidence to the Court in person on your behalf if required. Gilmore Engineers is a mechanical engineering consultancy firm with fire experience. Contact us if you require fire investigation, forensic investigation of fire & explosives, an arson expert, or a fire cause and origin expert.

  • Crane engine fire
  • Gas well explosion
  • Excavator fire
  • Underground mine explosion
  • Hotel/backpacker fire
  • Car engine fire
  • Arson investigations
  • Truck engine fire
truck accident determining fault

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Fire & Explosions​ Case Studies

truck accident determining fault

Prime Mover Fire

A prime mover caught fire while travelling on the Pacific Motorway Queensland. The fire caused substantial damage to the vehicles’ engine compartment and cabin. Our engineer inspected the vehicle to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

Gas Well Explosion

A major gas leak occurred at a gas well in North Queensland. The gas ignited, and the resulting explosion caused the death of a worker. Our engineer inspected the diesel generators in the vicinity of the gas leak and identified the ignition source of the explosion.

Crane Engine Fire

A mobile crane caught fire while driving between sites, causing it a high level of damage. Our engineer investigated the fire initiation and drew attention to the engine turbocharger and its heat shielding. The role of engine coolant in the fire was also investigated.

Excavator Fire

A large excavator caught fire while working at a mine site. One theory regarding the cause of the fire was that an electrical short circuit on a fuel line could have been responsible for penetrating a braided fuel hose. Our engineer performed a number of live tests, with the aid of the Jacobs Well Rural Fire Brigade, to determine if this was possible and provided expert evidence in the case.

Modelling of a Building Fire

A CFD study was undertaken on a building fire within an accommodation complex. Results from the study were integrated into the police investigation enabling determination of cause and qualification of the overall building hazard.  Our Engineers have successfully validated the same simulation technology against experimental data in a full-scale mock building burn.

Workshop Fire

A fire occurred in the electrical workshop on a mine site in Western Australia. Gilmore Engineers was supplied with photographs of the workshop after the blaze had been extinguished, along with with the remains of an electrical installation tester found in the fire. Our engineer was asked to inspect the electrical installation tester and determine if it could have been the ignition source for the fire.

Tractor Mower Fire

A high-performance mower-conditioner was being used in Northern New South Wales when it caught fire. Our engineer inspected the tractor mower on-site and reviewed the evidence to provide an assessment of the most like cause of the fire.

Porsche Engine Fire

A fire started in the engine of a Porsche recently imported into Australia. Our engineer inspected the vehicle after the fire. He was able to identify an incorrectly crimped fuel hose as the source of a fuel leak which ignited on the hot air-cooled Porsche engine. 

Arson Investigation

A warehouse storing paint caught fire and burnt down under suspicious circumstances. Our engineer was engaged in inspecting the building to determine if the fire had been deliberately lit.